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High quality video ads are going to be huge over the next few years. With Facebook and other social media platforms investing heavily in video content, advertisers and marketers simply can’t afford to miss out on the opportunities that are available. But only videos of the highest possible quality can ensure healthy viewing numbers and higher-than-average conversion rates. Here are five ways of doing just that.

1. Focus on the Benefits

The average attention span of a consumer on social media is very low. Videos of more than 20 seconds may be skipped if you can’t hold the attention of your viewers. You only have a few seconds to impress, so it’s vital that you tell people why your products or services are so beneficial. Don’t waste time communicating how things work; get straight to the point by answering the question: “What’s in it for me?” Work out how your product will change the life of a customer, and communicate that message within the first 20 seconds of your video.

2. Use Text and Visuals to Replace Sound

Video ads are increasingly being consumed on social media timelines these days. This means users have to click for sound, as it usually won’t play automatically. As a result, you should use bright, clear and vivid visuals to attract the attention of consumers and make up for the muted sound. It’s also a good idea to add subtitles where appropriate. Experiment with different color combinations and fonts until you have something that is attention grabbing, easy to read and instantly understandable. Don’t forget to add a catchy call to action at the end.

3. Make Square Videos for Mobile Devices

An increasing number of advertisers are making square versions of their video ads for platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This is because they look far more impressive when viewed in portrait mode on a smartphone. Very few people rotate their phone to landscape mode to watch a social media video, but using square videos delivers a similar impact without the fuss. Something that fills the majority of a phone’s screen is going to look a lot more impressive than a 16:9 video shrunk to fit portrait mode.

4. Make an Impact Within Three Seconds

The most successful video ads make their main point very quickly. This is because social media users can be fickle, and they’re always searching for the next piece of engaging content. You need to create something that is going to make users click the audio button, so a clear written message and some engaging, high-definition images are essential — delivered within the first five seconds. Ideally, you need to capture the attention of users before they’ve had time to scroll to the next item of content.

5. Make Different Ads for Different Audiences

The same ad might not appeal to different segments of your target audience. For instance, people familiar with your brand won’t need to learn about your basic offers, but potential new customers will. Similarly, consumers who know what your business is about might be interested to learn about changes to your products and offers. Consider tweaking existing videos for different audiences. Alternatively, you might want to create completely separate ads for specific demographic groups.

If you can create a video that is visually appealing, informative and filled with benefits, your conversion rates should always be well above average.