Explainer Videos

Online businesses can benefit enormously from these concise and creative videos. Tips from our experts will maximize profitability as initial viewer interest is converted into sales.

  • Surveys show that most people will buy a product or service online after viewing an “explainer” video.

  • Even if your writers are the best, there is nothing like a visual demonstration to spark real interest.

  • Videos, along with clever text messages, tell the story in ways that people can absorb quickly and efficiently.

  • Adding explainer videos to your mix will rocket you to the top in no time.

  • Explainer videos improve viewer retention enormously in ways that written words cannot. The consequence for your product or service is immeasurable.

  • Success in sales comes from viewer interest in your product. They want it and need it or they wouldn’t be at your site scrolling through the text.

  • Your explainer video can have multiple homes. It may be the highlight of your site and your featured selling tool. However, there are free hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo that spread video magic around the world instantaneously.

Branding Service

Branding is about quickly communicating your values and ideas to any customer. It is the core of any good marketing plan. Once you have built your identity, your business will prosper as the word spreads that you about your value.

Using our expertise in branding, naming, and logo design services will set you on the path to greater exposure, traffic, and revenue-producing business. First and foremost, you must stand out from the crowd but how you do it makes all the difference.

At NDS, we specialize in addressing your individual marketing needs. Our strategies are tried-and-tested and on trend. We can help you from initial conception to final execution. Every detail is scrutinized to meet your needs. Your collateral material—whether digital, print, or video–will always be on message and on brand, because who knows where your customers will  first encounter you. First impressions matter, so we make sure that they are always on point.

Video Production

At NDS, we have a track record of proven success. Our clients enjoy the expertise of the best talent around. We are the masters of video—for any platform, any time. We make it our priority to present your ideas clearly and creatively, boosting your business. We can elevate your brand and help you to engage with new customers in an instant. Joining the ranks of satisfied customers and enter into a lucrative world of revenue-producing strategies, including:

  • Beginning concept and structuring of ideas
  • PR and marketing plan with goals and timeline
  • Complete video development service
  • Campaign implementation

Each of these areas requires a full assessment of your company goals and expectations. You become part of the process and guide us all the way. Every client is an advocate and partner in planning and the results of these collaborations speak for themselves. You get quality, control, and enthusiasm–all rolled into one. Call us today and begin a life-changing era for your business. Find out why NDS is the go-to choice for video services online.


When it comes to graphic design for your marketing campaign, it’s not just about looking good, you need to be easily accessible as well. At NDS, we know all about this. We strive to fulfill your needs with creativity, innovation, and style while keeping the information clear and engaging. In the realm of infographics we stand alone. We give this hybrid art form a new twist with our singular approach to the melding of powerful image and compelling content. Our work is state-of-the-art, stylish and successful. So why not make use of it?