Boost Your Conversion Rates

Adding explainer videos to your mix will rocket you to the top in no time. Explainer videos improve viewer retention enormously,  in ways that written words just can’t. Your product or service will benefit immeasurably since your audience can understand and engage with your ideas almost instantaneously; you’re doing the hard work for them. You will see this reflected in a big sales jump.

Your explainer video can have multiple homes. It may be the highlight of your site and your featured selling tool but also, with free hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo, you can spread video magic around the world instantaneously.

Videos Help Get Your Website Ranked Higher on Search Engines

Video Snippets Improve Click Through Rates (CTR %) :   A thumbnail shows up next to your site description when you embed it onto your site properly. Research shows search engine listings with video thumbnails have a much higher click through rate those without. Google has stated a high click through rate is a factor in search engine rankings as it’s an indicator of strongly related content, and a better user experience.

Videos Keep Users on Pages Longer – The longer a user stays on a page versus immediately leaving, the lower your ‘bounce rate’. ‘Bounce rate’ is one of the many key factors Google and other search engines use to detect user engagement and site quality. If users are leaving your page quickly that’s a bad sign for the search engines, and indicates your content is not what the user is looking for.

The NDS Explainer Video Process


    First, we need to learn about more your business and your specific goals. We will then formulate what you want into scripts and visual concepts. With your approval, we are on our way.

  • Script Writing

    The approved concept is then turned into a working script. It will be carefully crafted because it will dictate the look and feel of the video. We will secure your complete approval of the final draft.

  • Storyboarding

    A storyboard is a way to display the work in progress, using the script and visual ideas developed during the initial phases. A couple of reviews are suggested to hone and fine tune the conceptualization of your video before approval. You may elect to participate in auditions for the voice-over talent.

  • Animation

    The script and storyboard are executed and any animation needed will be supplied. An exciting video employs the latest techniques in the industry. Two review cycles are included to make sure we nail this part of the video. Sign-off and approval are required before moving to the final phase of the project.

  • The End Product

    The process ends with your approval to adapt your video to multiple formats in order to get them ready for downloading and embedding on your site. Our work is done only when your satisfaction has been fully achieved.

Using a few basic steps, we take your project requirements and turn them into a beautiful final result.

Our process is based on a great deal of experience with hundreds of clients. We know what works best and how to condense your ideas and your brand into a short video.

Our success comes from the discipline to follow a proven procedure, adding a vital twist of creativity, all on a timely basis.