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Everything in the world of eCommerce has its particular value. Competition is keen and staying abreast of trends is vital. Time is Money, as they say, and neither should be wasted. Pay Per Click is immediate and tangible. In no time, an account can be set up and search words determined for tagging buyers patterns. Use of Google’s Ad words network is only minutes away.

Planning is important at every phase of the PPC process and it yields results when done right. Advertising objectives need to be outlined and questions answered to focus the platform properly. You are basically paying to acquire a customer so do it well and wisely. It is more than “buying clicks”,  it revolves around search engines, compelling copy, and suitable landing pages. You want to ensure you are getting the best return on each keyword you pay for, over the long term.

KPI – Key Performance Indicator

Key Performance Indicators are the next step. They are the determinants of a company’s direction and must be defined at the outset. Tactics can then be put in place to launch a campaign and begin reaping the monetary rewards. It is a more complex task and requires organization and forethought. When using Google, for example, keyword selection requires skill and experience to ensure appropriate and successful search results. Known as Keyword Match System, it is not to be taken lightly.

As a service, we look at website conversion, the cost of customer acquisition, trends, competition in the field, internet behavior, product price, and other factors that drive and affect eCommerce. Only after careful examination can an effective plan be created and implemented to ensure the best ROI.


Using our proven expertise, your planning process will go smoothly as specific strategies are revealed. When it comes time to execute these strategies, every client account is professionally supervised and supported. We carefully manage all aspects of your campaign. Now the action begins. Prospects are driven to your door and, as much as possible, random and irrelevant searches are inhibited. We’re only looking for  carefully-conceived, highly-motivating ads. Then,  well thought-out webpages will compel them to stay the course so once they’re on your site, it will be easy to convert the prospects into customers.

To make it all happen, keyword click prices need to be selected and accepted. On the basis of mathematical calculations, customer data is analyzed to determine the maximum revenue that can be obtained from each click. You indicate the preferred acquisition cost (such as Cost Per Sale, Cost Per Call, Cost of Sale, Cost Per Form, Cost Per Enquiry, etc.).

Optimization and Monitoring

Data is everything when it comes to PPC and ROI. We know how to evaluate it and make it talk. It will tell us how to proceed at every turn as we test, assess, and refine as needed—all much faster than SEO. As we review the campaign activity, we will build a stronger and more efficient system. We look at keyword effectiveness, ad appeal, landing page relevance, website traffic, product pricing, and more. In addition, Click Through Rate, Quality Score and Cost Per Click are all compared to help pump up new business. It is all about putting your money to the most effective use.

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