All Hail The King!

When it comes to drawing traffic and keeping visitors on your site, landing page, or even a blog, content is king. It cannot be over emphasized. You can never have too many customers when you are in the business to sell. It is all about connecting with your target market and learning what they like. Your content must break through the noise and chatter of the Internet to get results. So take it slow, think it through, and watch your business thrive.

Engagement is the buzzword nowadays in marketing circles and it takes place on social media from tweets to posts. Getting followers on Facebook is a vital strategy indeed, but engagement can happen anytime and anyplace. You want to appeal to buying emotions and gut instincts that will bring about conversions to sales. Building long-lasting relationships is an additional bonus to be sure.

Information is valuable only insofar as it creates engagement. It has to be succinct, relevant, and speak to the soul. You aren’t the voice of reason so much as the voice of the heart. People buy on impulse as much as on need. Keep this in mind when devising marketing strategies and writing quality content.

Try to offer a new twist on things, something odd and something special, to catch attention. There is so much competition out there that you have to maneuver with skill. You want others to fumble their passes so you can score. So how do you connect on a deep level?

First of all, you understand patterns and trends by doing your research and watching the stats. You find ways to match your product or services with demand. You have to find a niche that has a real following, and one that converts to sales.

Making a Connection

Your content should be designed and honed to make a connection with your audience, and it isn’t always on just a mental level. There is an art to reaching emotions in prospects. Use language that rings true. Somehow, you must demonstrate that you are listening to needs. Humor is a great ploy in motivating commitments and sales. You also want to have empathy and compassion, even from afar.

An attitude of “we are here to help” goes far in the marketing process. Thus, an obvious “I want your sale” approach is anathema. You have to be subtle to be respected as a business, but still with clear calls to action. No one has to know that you are tracking every move. They can remain ignorant of your concern for return on investment for your product or service.

Great content offers solutions to typical customer problems. A problem is a need for something that has a certain usefulness at a fair and reasonable price. Making buying easy and efficient goes a long way toward engendering on-going sales. The user-friendly structure of payment on a website is key. Always thank customers for their patronage at the end of the process. Include helpful tips and tricks for maximizing success with their purchase, and discounts for buying more.

Sure, it is all about numbers when you are in business, but it is clearly also about engagement through appropriate and timely content. Make working with your site a breeze and visitors will come begging for more. Keep them informed and up to date on new offerings of interest, and keep them coming back in droves.

Your content will of course include facts and features, but it also must address benefits to the customer. There is a “so what” rule in sales that says after itemizing aspects of a product, the customer asks so what, or what’s in it for me. Here is where your content can soar and really connect with your audience.  Thus, engagement is a two-sided sword. One side is rational and the other is emotional. Be sure your text has a balance of both. The metrics and analytics will show if you succeed.

Don’t overlook any selling opportunity on the web, social media, through email blasts, and ad campaigns. Adjust your text for each platform. You create connection in unique ways for every medium. When you do, it is worth its weight in gold in terms of loyalty and trust. Be authentic, sincere, and helpful to gain access to people’s emotions. Learn to show you care by sharing stories and personal circumstances. If your product is for family use, talk about your own life and how the item changed it for the better.

So it is not about reaching the brain, but reaching the heart with text, videos, still photos, anecdotes, testimonials, humor, stories and more. No tedious text need apply. Make content fun to read but informative. Never overdo on any level. Keep everything under control without letting on. In other words, let content appear to flow naturally and with purpose.

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